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Higashidori Village Primary School

Architect : Toshio Honma & Associates
Location : Higashidori Village, Aomori

Higashidori Village Primary School

The design of the Higashidori primary school aims to harmonize with the surrounding landscape and be a symbolic building that expresses its strong links to the local community, The buildings are located at the top of a hill that slopes gradually up to the north, with the front boundary facing the main road. This enables the parents and local community to easily drop in and participate in the life of the school. The building is characterized by its mansard roof, which is a form seen in the mountain villages of the area, and which expresses the dignity of people in living in a severe climate. The series of roofs contain a number of classrooms, creating `village-like’ appearance. In the interior, the intention was to create a forest-like character, with a warm and spacious character. Columns were assembled from small-section pieces of laminated timber, and cedar from the local forest was used as wall-lining in order to give a warm character to the spaces. This gives the school an atmosphere that students and villagers can be proud of, and feel they belong to.

The timbers used for this project were all cut from the forest in Higashidori village - this is one of the largest buildings that have been built with local timbers - and this large-scale timber-framed building was built by local builders. This contributed significantly to the local forestry industry, and to the setting up of a new cycle of forestry management.The building is rated externally as fire-resistant*, and internally as 45 minutes fire-resistant*. It was made possible by the flexibility of the KES System and the strength of its steel connectors.

Site Area 40,799.97㎡
Building footprint 5,635.09㎡
Floor area 7,656.23㎡

First Floor : 3,449.84㎡
Second Floor : 1,340.10㎡
Gymnasium : 2,579.57㎡

2 stories
Maximum height:10.64m
45 minutes quasi-fire-resistant building (under Building Standard of Japan)

◆Timber building Award