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Kitahiroshima Municipal Mibu Primary School

Architect : Chuden Engineering Consultants
Location : Kitahiroshima Town,Hiroshima

Outward appearance

Outward appearance

  • Outward appearance
  • Outward appearance(night view)
  • Hall
  • Hall
  • Corridor
  • Music Room

To Nurture the Next Generation of Human Resources who Inherit the History and Tradition

Mibu Primary School is originated from “Seiko-do”, one of the four big juku (old school) in Hiroshima. There is a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage "flower planting of Mibu" that takes place in June every year in the region, children have also appeared as a member of the "Children's dengaku" and "brass band".
Appearance in consideration of the landscape is a profound feeling as keynote black tree section, white plastering material, the Sekisyu tile. The interior is felt scent of the tree by the structure material and the plate, natural light overflowing from the high side lights, was realized a space feel bright and warm.
We hope that this educational space surrounded by the locally produced material becomes a place to nurture persons of talent that inherit the history and traditions of the region to the next generation.

Site Area 11,219.37㎡
Building footprint 2,892.43㎡
Floor area 4,103.29㎡

2 stories

Photo by:Noboru Inoue Photograph Office