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Saitama prefectural Agricultural College

Architect : Basic design:NISSOKEN Architects/Engineers , Detailed design:Miyoi Architectural Institute , Design supervision:Matsushita Sekkei Inc.
Location : Kumagaya City,Saitama

Auditorium Building

Auditorium Building

  • Auditorium Building
  • Passage Building
  • Dining Ha
  • Media Gallery Building
  • Seminar Building
  • Outward appearance

College Using Locally Grown Wood

April 2015, new building of wood is transferred to the Kumagaya City, Saitama.Passage Building connects 9 buildings such as Auditorium Building, Seminar Building, Staff Building, Dining Hall and so on. Based on the concept “to feel the warmth, smell and texture of wood”, all laminated lumber for structure of cedar and cypress are wood grown in Saitama Prefecture. We showed the wood frames in the interior of and designed that takes advantage of the texture of cedar. We enhance the educational content such as establishing Organic Farming Major and strengthening sixth-order industrialization education. As training institution of young people responsible for the agriculture of the future, we’ll work so that it becomes attractive agricultural college.

Site Area 129,727.00㎡
Building footprint 7,015.00㎡
Floor area 7,753.00㎡

Photo by:VIBRA PHOTO/ Yoshihiro Asada