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Chizu Junior High School

Architect : Hakuto Design Office
Location : Chizu Town,Tottori

Aiming to Coexist with the People, Region and Tradition

There is Chizu Junior High School in Chizu Town, “the town of cedar” surrounded by mountains of cedar. By using a lot of Chizu cedar, people can be direct contact with the nature of the size and warmth.The multi-purpose hall has the space composed of log pillars of cedar with the motif of pillars of Suwa shrine (a local shrine) and beams of variety of cross-section. It exudes a heavy feeling and invites the mind into the rich forest along with the cedar aroma.

Site Area 22,920.87㎡
Building footprint 4,359.99㎡
Floor area 6,268.50㎡

Photo by:VIBRA PHOTO/ Yoshihiro Asada