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Hamamatsu Kohoku Senior High School/Multipurpose Gymnasium

Architect : Takeshita Architects and Associates
Location : Hamamatsu City,Shizuoka

This is a multi-purpose gymnasium of the high school that was established as a result of a merger of Prefectural three schools. We didn’t simply make a large space of large cross-section timbers as in the past, but made the light arch shape that secured the height required in competitions. The problem is to establish the thrust force generated in a large span and a roof using Japanese cedar grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. This solution is to transmit the axial force vertically by the wooden arch structure of high rise and to bear the horizontal force in the steel frame. Hybrid structure of wood and steel could reduce the cross section size of the arched beams half the usual that. The attentive wood structure created an ideal environment as sports facilities of the new school.

Site Area 49,662.87㎡
Building footprint 953.58㎡
Floor area 802.64㎡

Photo by:VIBRA PHOTO/ Yoshihiro Asada