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Miyashiro Government Office

Architect : Miyashiro Architects Engineers Associates
Location : Miyashiro Town,Saitama

Second Floor Office

Second Floor Office

  • Second Floor Office
  • Hall
  • Townsman Lobby Appearance
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  • South Appearance

Government Offices that Reflect the Locality

Design concept of Miyashiro Government Office is "the town development with agriculture, and the building that represents the regional characteristics and uniqueness of the image of the cultural city reflecting in the water ". This means to reflect the regional characteristics, such as history, industry, culture, natural environment, and products of the town, in this building and expresses the uniqueness.
The building is a low-rise in order to protect the landscape. It was adopted KES construction method, which increases strength by connecting the columns and beams of laminated lumber with the connectors, because it was stuck to the wooden for harmony with the nature. It is to express the uniqueness by "large space of the tree." The wood used columns and beams of this building is cedar laminated lumber(for columns) 240㎥ and Japanese laminated lumber (for beams) 235㎥.Total floor area 4,304.63㎡ is the largest wooden Government Buildings Japan at that time.
Utilizing the prefectural timber can promote the activation of the industries, protect the natural environment and pass down culture in future.

Site Area 7,613.03㎡
Building footprint 2,494.97㎡
Floor area 4,304.63㎡

the first floor:2,281.42㎡
the second floor:2,023.21㎡

2 stories
Maximum span:15m
45 minutes quasi-fire-resistant building (under Building Standard of Japan)