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Johoji Government Branch Office

Architect : Athikku Architects
Location : Ninohe City,Iwate

Western Appearance

Western Appearance

  • Western Appearance
  • Townsman Hall
  • Entrance Hall
  • Congress Room
  • Townsman Hall

Government Office Utilizing Locally Grown Wood

Former government office built in 1962 became deteriorated, and as a result of durability surveys, it was found that it was extremely dangerous condition. It had to be a rebuilding. The new government office has been requested familiarity to townspeople, harmony with the surrounding environment, information technology support, and to ensure safety has been demanded. So, we adopted KES that is excellent in earthquake resistance, fire resistance, and cost performance.Wooden buildings are environment-friendly, also have a warmth and kindness characteristic to wood, give users peace of mind.In addition, the larch townspeople have been nurtured ever laminated wood, it is possible to make the columns and beams of the structure, was added to the activation of regional forestry that sluggish with the sense of unity with the townspeople.New government office of the new era was completed here.

Points on the Structure Plan

Even if the columns and beams of wooden large cross-section are burnt 60 minutes, only the surface is carbonized. So there is no problem on the structure strength.The importance factor of the earthquake performance is 1.25 times compared to the level of Japan's Building Standards Act.This building isn’t destroyed by large earthquake and is designated as a headquarters for disaster control.

Site Area 2,535.90㎡
Building footprint 889.80㎡
Floor area 2,318.60㎡

First Floor:816.21㎡
Second Floor:741.24㎡
Third Floor:741.24㎡

3 stories
Maximum span:9.3m
60 minutes quasi-fire-resistant building (under Building Standard of Japan)