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Origin of KES Logo

In our logo, KES stands for "Kimura(developer name) Excellent Structure" system. Inside the structure/building is a cherry, which is an emblem of Yamagata Prefecture. The cherry is included as part of the logo so as to signify the implications that we aim to transmit better design ideas and technology for house making in Yamagata City. The cherry symbolizes the tenderness, softness and suppleness of our work. The logo compares the cherry to life and property, and expresses that the buildings which use the KES system are there firmly to protects them for as long as 100 years.

Quality of Life

Kimura, Shelter’s founder, hoped to create a house that can be used by the next generation. In other words, he wanted to create a house that did not lose value, but rather gain value even after 100 years. He succeeded in doing so by developing a joinery hardware construction method, the KES system. To date, over 10,000 homes in Japan have used the KES system and we have the support many of satisfy and happy customers. All of these homes have achieved not only a high level of design, material quality and performance, but also safety and reliability, well beyond the common architectural wood construction practices of the past.

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