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Company Principles and Philosophy

Principle "Always seek the right answer"
Business motto "Creation, Innovation and Challenge"


  1. We pursue the aim of “Top-of-top quality of life”- which was the mission declared by the company at the time of its establishment. Our purpose is to raise the quality of Japanese houses to, and beyond, the quality of houses in Europe and North America.We are committed to achieving a high quality of life for our clients and to make the 'Shelter' houses a recognized symbol of quality.
  2. We take pride in Shelter Corporation, who is the creator, in Japan of metal joinery systems for timber-frame structures. Our buildings, constructed with the KES System give our clients a peace of mind, and add to their joy of life. For this reason, we see ourselves as making an essential contribution to society.
  3. We are aware of our responsibilities as a business corporation. Our business activities are always conducted fairly and faithfully according to our social duty, and we conduct ourselves with integrity.
  4. We contribute to the creation and development of our society through the business activities of Shelter Corporation. We aim for the prosperity and well-being of our clients, and therefore we contribute to the local economy by promoting the protection and preservation of the natural environment.
  5. We shall never be afraid of change: we aim to foresee the needs of our clients and society. We will achieve satisfaction and happiness through the success and growth of the company.

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