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The Company's Environmental Policy

We believe the preservation and restoration of the natural environment is one of the most important issues of our business. In all our business activities, we aim to contribute to the restoration of our environment, to the preservation of our natural resources and to prevent the contamination of our lands. To achieve harmony with the natural environment , we collaborate with local communities all over Japan.

  1. We aim to create 'zero-emission' houses and large-scale timber structures which use natural energy, such as solar power. We promote the design of passive-energy buildings, using materials with low embodied energy, to achieve a high quality of life for our clients.
  2. We contribute to the preservation and restoration of our natural environment. To mitigate global warming and restore the quality of river water, it is essential to have appropriate forest management: cutting mature trees which have begun to reduce their carbon dioxide intake and replacing them with young trees. Our company uses mature trees for the construction of our houses as well as for municipal offices, schools, welfare facilities, etc, throughout Japan. In doing so, we contribute to the restoration of the nation's "clean air and clean water."
  3. We follow the laws, regulations and agreements that relate to the preservation of our environment. We intend to exceed, not only to comply with, the requirements of the law.
  4. In the method in which we conduct our business, we are keenly aware of our responsibilities to our environment. We achieve our strategies of energy saving, recycling, and mitigation of environmental loads by preventing contamination, by establishing substantial objectives in terms of environmental restoration, and by carrying out self-imposed inspections of our work. To achieve these aims, we continuously educate ourselves and our collaborators.
  5. Our policies on environmental issues are made public.

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