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The fire-proof structural wood member developed and patented by our company covers the wood in the core with gypsum board; the gypsum board is subsequently cover with an extra layer of wood. Production of COOL WOOD is easy and it has a low cost. In addition, the appearance of the wood can give the buildings a feeling of the trees' warmth. At the time of combustion, the water vapor emitted by the gypsum board exerts a fire extinguishing effect and therefore prevents the fire from reaching the core of the structural wood member.

Fire-proof Structural Wood Member


◎One hour fire-proof structure specifications (column, beam)◎Two hours fire-proof structure specifications (column, beam, wall)

During a fire, the two layers of the outside (wood and the gypsum board) burns, and after the fire ends, combustion stops at the gypsum board.

  • Solid wood and laminated lumber is also available.
  • Easy to process (can be manufactured in easily obtainable materials and special tools are unnecessary.)
  • A feeling of woodiness

Examination contents and specifications 
for a two hours fire-proof structural member

In this test, the fire-proof structural wood member was expose to fire for over 2 hours. The maximum heating temperature exceeded 1000℃. After a 2 hour lapse time, and even after the completion of the artificial heating, the test member was placed for an extra 6 hours in a fully close furnace. After a total of 8 hours, the furnace was opened, and the test wood member was peel off the coating, the remaining bark was removed, and it was confirm that it show no signs of brown spots. This test was intended to demonstrate that even in the situation that fire fighters cannot fight the fire for along time, the structural integrity of the wood member remains intact. This test exposed the fire-proof structural wood member to intense heat for 2 hours, and goals and implications of this test was to ensure the structural integrity of the wood member remain intact until the fire is extinguish.

The largest wooden fire-proof hall in Japan is the Nanyo-City Cultural Center,
and it used the COOL WOOD structural members that we have developed 
and patented.

It is the first large-scale domestic fireproof wooden construction hall in Japan
It can accommodates up to 1,403 people
Locally-grown cedar was used
3 stories above ground level and 1 below
Floor area: 5,900㎡
Laminated lumber consumption: 3,570㎥
Log material consumption: 12,413㎥
Open: In October, 2015

Fire-Proof Technology