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KES System Technical Guide

KES System Technical Guide Contents

Technical illustrations of the KES System: its superior advantages.


The innovative technology used in the KES System protects clients' lives and assets in natural disasters


The steel joint plates of the KES System are protected by a hard-wearing, anti-rust galvanized coat


The KES System has created a new era of timber structures, enabling the construction of large-scale timber buildings that respond to today environmental issues.

From steel structure to timber–frame structure

The KES System has advantages compared to steel or concrete:

・Flexibility in planning
・Advantages in procurement
・Advantages in durability
・Environmentally friendly
・Fire resistant

A Short Business History of Shelter.,Inc

Pioneer of the "City of Wood" Concept "Creating a Forest in the City"


East Japan Earthquake of March 2011

Shelter’s KES Construction System Withstands both Earthquake and Tsunami


Company Profile

The company’s mission is to `create a city of timber buildings’



For further information regarding KES design and construction, or to request our cooperation in local timber management, please contact us using the enquiry form.