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Personal Information Protection Policy - Privacy Policy

Shelter Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "our company"), thinks the trust from customers, business partners and everyone who have done inquiries in regards to materials (hereinafter referred to as the "customers") is our first priority. Our company declares that it will strictly and properly handle the information related to customers.

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Our company abides with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as properly handles personal information. Our company will take the appropriate measures to manage the information safely.
  2. Employee education
    Our company carries educational and guidance training to employees in relation to businesses to ensure personal information is properly handle.
  3. Collecting personal information, purpose of use
    When collecting personal information, our company have in principle the provision of information by the customer's intention. In addition, personal information that you provide to our customers will be use for the bellow purposes.
    • To deal with inquiries and requests from our customers
    • To provide guidance in various events, campaigns and seminars
    • To deliver materials and catalogs that our customers request
    • To provide information and suggestions regarding the products and services we provide
    • To come into contact with customers for some reason
  4. Disclosure of personal information
    Personal information that our company receives from customers will not be disclose to any third party, except in cases falling under any of the bellow scenarios:
    • If the customer agrees to give us the permission to release their personal information
    • If the customer is disclosed in the state and can’t be identified
    • For companies that have signed a non-disclosure agreement with our company (for example, subcontractors), we will only disclose information in the range that they judged to be appropriate
    • If the customer has an inquiry, and the inquiry requires the release of personal information to obtain an answer from our affiliates and business partners (for example, repair services, etc.), it is deemed appropriate to do so.
    • If customers need to pay for fee‐based services and orders of items. We may exchange personal information with financial institutions. This is in order to confirm the validity and legitimacy of the credit card and/or bank account information.
    • If it is determined necessary based on the law
    • If it is considered to be necessary for customers or the public interest
  5. Management of personal information
    Our company manages customers’ personal information under a safe environment and a third party can’t access it. We have established a system so a falsification and a leakage, etc. does not occur.
  6. Inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information
    If you'd like to request an inquiry, a correction and/or a deletion of personal information provided to us, please use the “Inquiry” form in each of the websites. To prevent the leakage of personal information, we may check that the request is coming from the customer himself/herself.
  7. Changes and announcements of privacy policy
    The contents of the privacy policy will be changed as necessary. Because we can’t contact all customers each time, please refer to the latest content on this page.
  8. Contact Us
    Customers’ personal information inquiry page E-mail: toiawase@kesfc.co.jp

Privacy Policy